Friday, September 26, 2008

My Upcoming Book ~ Extreme Life Makeover

This is my book cover, which I think really captures the message of an extreme life makeover. A butterfly is first a caterpillar, which some think is an ugly, hideous creature. But in time, that ugly, hideous creature becomes a beautiful butterfly with colorful wings that inspire people all over the world.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Extreme Life Makeover

Long ago as a young girl I wanted with all my heart to be a writer. Why? Because when I read books I could be transported into any part of the world I wanted to go. I could dream I was there and that I was the person in the book. I wrote stories that my friends loved, but they were never good enough for a publisher. I started many novels that never seemed to make it past the third chapter. I still couldn't help myself. I had to write! It was in my blood. Yet no publisher liked anything that I sent them. I wanted to give up, but couldn't.

Even as a young mother I wrote poetry and little things that mattered to me. Yes there were times I had to set my writing aside, but it always called out to me. It was as much a part of me as my DNA. My children were grown and gone and still nothing was ever published. I had begun to give up hope. At least until I gave my life to Christ and started writing for Him.
I was fortunate enough one day be asked by an author to do some proofreading of her new book since the girl who usually helped her was not available. It was most certainly a God thing. As I worked on her book I could see it being transformed from a manuscript to a book. The stage my own writing had never made it to. When her book was finished, I wrote my very first inspirational romance which I completed in just a few short weeks. I was amazed at what I had accomplished with God's help.

I pushed that book aside to begin work on another one that I knew was something God was asking me to write. He had laid it all out for me and I knew what each chapter was going to be about. It was when I began to write though that He began to speak into my spirit, that this book would be the first to be published. It would be a book that His people needed, and they could receive healing through it. When there were times I faltered, He reassured me. Once when I had stopped writing for too long because of my fear and doubt, He made sure I understood that If I didn't write this book, someone else would.
This book has taken nearly two years to write because there were many times I had to run back to Him for love and support to finish it. But praise God I did finish it! As if those things alone were not enough of His wonderful blessings, I am told the book will be published, and that it will make an appearance before the projected due date of January 2009. Instead it will come out by the end of October 2008. Clearly I now understand how important this book was for God's people.

Extreme Life Makeover is exactly what happened to me as I was learning to trust God, and expect to have those things He had promised me. His blessings are now chasing me down and overtaking me, and I am still amazed as I watch each of His promises come true for me. In a way you might say I was reborn. Like the wonderful transformation we see as a beautiful butterfly emerges from it's cocoon.

This book is about the changes God wants us all to make in our lives and how trusting Him will bless us beyond everything we ever dreamed was possible. We give Him our hopes and our dreams and He gives back to us an abundant life filled with expectation. I love to watch as His glory unfolds around me every day. You can have that too. I hope this inspires all who reads it to buy the book and see their own lives changed forever from the inside out.